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Cross Cut Station with Lumber Rack

I consider this the most difficult SketchUp model ever. I created this model for a new defunct website called Sawtooth Ideas. The original plan for this was from Woodcraft magazine. When doing super accurate SketchUp models, plans have to be carefully inspected. And with a project of this magnitude, plans, especially the illustrations communicate most of the information needed to complete the project, but with this model, I had to take some liberties with the design since I couldn’t just call the author and ask specific questions.

There are over 400 screws which had to be precision located into counterbored holes. And since this model needed to be super accurate, there was a hole in the mating part as well. Pretty tough.

A really challenging model.

A really challenging model.

Note the screws, bolts, etc. I did not draw the Kreg parts.

Note the screws, bolts, etc. I did not draw the Kreg parts.

The back side with tons of visible screws.

The back side with tons of visible screws.

I once read that curved SketchUp components add to the models file size. With 400 screws and counterbored screw holes, there are a lot of curved parts. This model grew in file size to the point my computer bogged down pretty badly. I had to create three separate files and then merge them all together when finished and submit my completed model to Sawtooth Ideas.

This was one of several SketchUp projects I did for this website on a contract basis (meaning I got paid to do it). This model was so tough, they gave me a bonus.


  1. Neviln says

    Hi Jeff,
    You’re a very talented individual and I appreciate all the tips you offer as I’ve recently started to use SketchUp and found them very useful.

    Was wondering if you happen to have the crosscut station with lumber rack sketchup file available for download?

    Thanks again for all your hard work,

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