Re-run Scott Bookcase
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Re-run Scott Bookcase: Another Project is Completed

I am re-running a blog series from 2010 – the construction of a large bookcase for a co-worker. In this entry, originally published April 18, 2010, the completed bookcase is moved and set-up in its new home.

The completed bookcase.

The completed bookcase.

The big day for the Scott bookcase arrived – moving day. This bookcase has been a fun three-month project.

This was my first project where I utilized SketchUp during the design process and this project helped me refine the process for building case pieces. Building this bookcase has also shown me where I need to make improvements; one of which is how I apply finish to large painted pieces.

One of these days, I’ll have a knock down spray booth for my shop. This is a goal because adding primer and paint by brush is a lot of work. It is funny though, a premium paint job completed by a professional painter will often include a final brush on coat of paint so the finish will have a hand applied look to it.

Brushing on the primer.

Brushing on the primer.

I have found through this project that spraying on a finish is the preferable way to go. Getting an even coat of thick primer with as few brush marks as possible is difficult. The process is to apply primer, allow it to dry, sand it with light to moderate pressure, and then apply a second coat of primer followed with a light sanding. This process is time-consuming. Thats why I think using a sprayer would be better, I can spray a controlled amount on both horizontal surfaces as well as vertical ones and achieve better results in less time. At least that is my current thinking.

Adding the gloss white paint.

Adding a gloss white paint.

I am very pleased with this one. The simulated panels continue to be a sought after design feature. Several people familiar with this project offered positive comments about the side panels. The overall shape and proportion of the bookcase worked very well. This is rewarding because the initial design just did nothing for me – it lacked a visual interest I like to work into my projects.

Now it is time to begin thinking about my next project!


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