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My Hand Plane Collection Takes A Big Step Forward

Mustang Trans Am Racer

A couple of weeks ago, I shared this photo on Facebook and let it be known that this rockin’ Mustang was at the top of my Christmas wish list.

Of course I was joking and thankfully, Santa knew just what I really needed: a brand new Veritas Bevel-Up Jointer Plane.

I had been thinking about this plane as my next acquisition after considering the following options:

  • Scott Meek Woodworks – A Scott Meek hand plane is on my bucket list. Scott’s beautiful planes are high quality and worth the premium price, but I just can’t make the money work right now.
  • The Wood River Jointer Plane – From what I have read, Woodcraft’s planes are improving, but I am not willing to buy one just yet.
  • The Lie-Nielsen Jointer Plane – I own two LN planes and have been very pleased with them, but the #7 jointer is $425 and while I consider myself an experienced salesman, that price is a pretty tough sell now.
  • A used jointer plane – On Ebay, there was one that caught my eye, but it got snatched up pretty quickly. Planes that seemed to be good quality were fetching prices close to $200. I had seen some high quality new planes for under $300, so the idea of buying a new plane looked to be a reasonable option.
  • The Veritas Bevel-Up Jointer Plane – I have wanted to try a Veritas plane ever since I read how innovative they are. Plus their equivalent to the LN #7 is about $125.00 less even with the premium PMV11 blade.

So, I decided on the Veritas jointer with the PMV11 blade. I consider it a good fit for my needs.

Veritas Bevel-Up Jointer Plane

Let me tell you, the Veritas Bevel-Up Jointer Plane it is one big honkin’ tool. I keep my other hand planes in a dedicated drawer in my tool cabinet. My new jointer plane won’t fit, so I am going to have to find a home for it – a good problem to have.

So why did I need a jointer plane anyway?
I have shown photos of my Craftsman six-inch stationary jointer many times on my blog, so a good question is why spend $300 on a jointer plane when I already have a powered jointer. Well…

  • My Craftsman jointer is good, but I get some terrible planer snipe and can’t seem to find a fix for it.
  • My Craftsman jointer does not edge joint long boards well.
  • My Craftsman jointer can not flatten wide panels.
  • There is a thrill I get with planes which I don’t get with power tools.

I will still use my Craftsman jointer to edge joint and face joint small boards, but my hope is with the addition of my jointer plane, I will never need to move up to an eight inch jointer. In addition, my new jointer plane will give me flexibility I have never had before.

What kind of plane is next on my list?

Christmas 2013 Hand Plane Collection

Above is my current hand plane collection: a LN #4, the jointer and a LN rabbeting block plane. I have already begun thinking about my next hand plane purchase; topping the list is a jack plane, and I want a router plane too. I think owning some molding planes would be fun. I have mixed feelings about a jack plane even though one famous woodworker thinks the jack plane should be the first plane you own.

If you were in my shoes, what would be your next hand plane purchase?


  1. I bought my #7 Jointer when I began working longer and bigger boards and have not needed to look at an 8″ powered jointer since. I also have many other hand planes but can easily work around the #5 with the jointer and #4. For my money I would pick up a Veritas Router Plane with some extra blades. The number of uses continues to amaze me from hinge installation to tenons. If you still want the #5 you should be able to find a used stanley at a good price.

    • Thanks for your input. That is my concern about a #5 is that I don’t really need it. Plus I can see using a router plane frequently. But why the extra blades?

      • If you look, the blades come in several sizes. If you are doing any small hinges or flattening the bottom of a narrow
        mortise you may want some options. Ordering at the same time saves on shipping unless you wait for one of Lee Valleys free shipping days, but they are a little unpredictable.

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