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Miter Saw Stand SketchUp Model Available in the 3D Warehouse

After several requests for the SketchUp model of the miter saw stand I built, I made the decision to put it in the 3D Warehouse where it will be easy to download. If you would like to build this stand, download the SketchUp model and take measurements off of it because there are no plans on my site for this project. It was designed by John White and was featured in Fine Woodworking magazine. The article is now out of print.

To get it at the 3D Warehouse click here.

Kreg features my miter saw stand on their Facebook page
It was quite by coincidence that I began preparing this SketchUp model for upload the same day that Kreg featured one of my blog posts on their Facebook page. My stats went through the roof! A record day for page views beating my old record by 3x.

Kreg Jig FB Status Update

Thanks to the folks at Kreg for doing this.


    • I know. I saw a combo power jointer/planer at Dyami Plotke’s blog and I wondered where I would fit such a tool in my shop. I decided I couldn’t (not that I could afford one).

  1. Ryan MacDonnell says

    Hi Jeff.. do you have plans to be downloaded of your miter saw stand with folding wings? I was not able to find any. Thanks

  2. Josey says

    Has anyone had any trouble with the extension wings sagging over time and usage.

    • Hey Josey, I have not but I also don’t use it to cross cut super long boards. Or very heavy boards. I’ll use a circular saw instead. And, in case they do sag over time, I added a way to compensate for sagging.

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