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Workshop Wall Surround, Part 6: Adding the Crown Molding

Designing crown molding - this is what I envision.

Designing crown molding – this is what I envision.

Which is correct – molding or moulding? This question has bothered me for quite some time. I have seen prominent woodworkers who write for magazines spell it this way: “moulding”. But recently, when shopping at the Home Depot, I noticed this word displayed on an overhead sign: “molding”. I’m going with molding. If it is good enough for the Home Depot, it is good enough for me.

In my last post, I completed the base molding for my workshop wall surround (see an illustration of it here). Time now to turn my attention to the crown molding. The design I had been mulling over in my head is shown above. The space I need to fill is seven inches tall and I want the molding to be tall, but I don’t want it to extend outward very far. To accomplish this, I selected a small crown molding which would be attached to two 3/4 inch thick boards. I envision these two boards having a molding profile at their bottom edge which would add some visual interest and help break up the seven-inch height. To give the small crown molding some heft, I am thinking about adding an additional board at the top with a simple cove profile. But, how will this look in real life?

Gathering the parts needed for the crown.

Gathering the parts need for the crown.

I removed one board from the design.

I removed one board from the design.

The final design.

The final design.

Ultimately, I decided to go with a more simple design than what I drew in SketchUp. I omitted one vertical board – all the fitting around the various pipes which protrude through the top of my wall surround caused me to simplify the design.

Once I was happy with the look, I began to add the built-up crown molding to the four panels.

The four removable panels awaiting their turn for crown molding.

The four removable panels waiting their turn for crown molding.

I can’t begin to tell you what an impact my new miter saw stand has had on this project. I remember the old days of cutting crown molding on my table saw. I had to have a jig attached to my table saw’s miter gauge. Having a miter saw with generous support on either side has been a real pleasure.

A couple of photos of the completed crown molding…

A shot of the corner.

A shot of the corner.

Pipes and cables mean only a little crown here.

Pipes and cables mean only a little crown here.

With the crown installed, I have completed construction on the first phase of this project. In phase two, I’ll build the actual tool cabinet and in phase three I’ll deal with the area to the right of the tool cabinet as well as some upgrades to the stairs, namely adding spindles, better handrails and more substantial newel posts.

I will have some glamour shots of my wall surround soon. I am strongly considering painting it; I think the green color I have in mind will make for a more lively place for me to tackle my next woodworking project.

My next woodworking project? Yep, I am going to delay further construction on my tool cabinet and wall surround so I can build yet another bookcase for my daughter. I have been thumbing through the pages of a few magazines and hopefully will begin the design phase this week. It will be fun getting back to a furniture project. More on that later.


  1. Being from the United Kingdom the correct way to spell it is “Moulding” . I notice that “American English” is more Phonetic (not always a bad thing) . I am enjoying watching your project progress.

    • John, thanks for stopping. I actually Googled “moulding vs. molding” and found some good info which says basically the same thing you say. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. I like the start of this project…bookcases are a great project… in few years we will all have to make Kindle cases…

    i used to make VCR racks out of salvage from job demos…the only known one left is in my mothers basement…

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