SketchUp, Window Seat Bookcase
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Getting Crafty in the Workshop

Window Seat Bookcase Mock Up 005

It hasn’t been some nice lumber that I have been working with this week. Actually there has been zero sawdust generated in my workshop. I have been using poster board, clear tape, a straight edge and scissors to create a full-size mock-up of my next woodworking project: a window seat bookcase.

I have the eight legs formed and in the photo above I have one side panel finished; ready to be attached to a front and back leg. I have taken care to make the subtle curve needed for the back legs. For this, I have called upon SketchUp to create printable templates which has been a pretty cool thing to do.

I’ll continue developing the mock-up through the weekend and then the final design will come together.

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  1. Enrique Borras says

    Muy bueno y trabajado tu bloc, pero quisiera saber si tus modelos están disponibles para descargar, soy un pensionista que me entretengo diseñando y decorando casas en mi computadora solo para mi entretenimiento y me he convertido en coleccionista de modelos 3d gracias desde República Dominicana.

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