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Something Odd Has Happened

For the past few weeks, I have almost lost all interest in woodworking – almost. I realized after focusing a lot of attention on my new job, I need to snap out of this situation.

I am getting plenty of satisfaction from my new job. There has been a mountain of work to do, but I am really liking the work. I am enjoying the job so much, that woodworking has slowed to a snail’s pace.

But, you can see in the photo above I have several of the components for the sides of the bookcase completed. So I have the legs formed and am working on the sides. I’ll have a more detailed update next weekend.

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During the week, I sell flooring products for The Dixie Group. Weekends, you'll find me in my basement workshop making furniture.


  1. You can always go back to the wood working. You’re lucky to have a job that is in anyway satisfying in this economy.

    • Leslie, I know about the importance of liking a job. The one I left had become un-inspiring. Years ago, I had a job which I call a black hole in my career because it sucked a lot of energy from me. I feel appreciated at my new job and the work to be done and the possibility for success is gigantic.

  2. I’m at that stage too Jeff. It’s not so much that I lost interest, it’s that so much else is going on that it’s been tough to focus on it. I think every woodworker must go through this from time to time. I’ve also noticed that the “blogosphere” has been relatively quiet too. I think it’s time to finally sign up for an online class.

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