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Give Away: Bob Lang’s “New Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp”

When I began my journey towards learning SketchUp, there were just two publications devoted to SketchUp for woodworkers. One was by Bob Lang – his first e-book on SketchUp was considered by many to be the bible; the only SketchUp teaching guide a woodworker needed. It was unique: Bob combined text and video in his enhanced e-book. As I once said, a SketchUp newbie should look upon video instruction with happiness. His work was technologically advanced, well-organized and illustrated; a first-rate teaching tool.

Now five years later, Bob gives us an update – his new enhanced e-book is out; titled New Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp. More video, additional tips; in short a better guide for beginning and advanced SketchUp users alike.

Bob sent me a copy to review and sweetened the deal by providing one copy to give away. Here is how the contest will work – if you would like a copy of New Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp, leave a comment below. Something like: “Yes, count me in on the contest. Bob is sooo generous – I’d like a copy of his e-book.” Just a suggestion.

I’ll close the comments Sunday night at 10:00 central time; use to select a winner among those who leave a comment and I’ll announce the winner on Memorial Day. I’ll use the email address required when commenting to advise the winner. I’ll send the same email address to Bob who will shoot you a link for the download.

Good luck with the give away and I will be reviewing New Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp next weekend.


  1. Thank’s for the chance to win. I could use the help. You are a big help in my woodworking. Please keep your blog going. Have a great weekend…

  2. John Anderson says

    This is so generous of you. I can only imagine the amount of effort involved in generating something like this. Count me in, I would love to have the knowledge of your experience to better transform my ideas and designs to actual objects coming off my CNC. Thanks.

  3. Jack Mann says

    Thank you for the generous offer. I have been dabbling with sketch-up but not learning fast enough on my own.

  4. Joe Zagula says

    You and Bob are very generous. This book would be a great opportunity to learn sketch up

  5. Bart says

    Oh wow, this looks amazing!
    I’ve only recently gotten started using SketchUp and this would be so hopeful compared to being self taught.
    Yes please for me!

  6. If Bob can take me from the 2D world of Microstation to the 3D world of Sketchup I’m all for it.

  7. Walter says

    It’s very generous to give away such a valuable book. I’ve been trying to learn SketchUp, but haven’t made as much progress as I’d like. I’m sure the book would be a big help!

  8. Bevan Richardson says

    Thanks for the opportunity. Based on your previous review it sounds like it would be ideal for a SketchUp amateur like me.

  9. Mike Aikens says

    I have retired from my real job and turned sort of professional woodworker. SketchUp helps bring in work.

  10. Patrick Corvin says

    Trying to learn Sketchup by using Internet tutorials has been a hit-or-miss proposition. Bob Lang’s book may be what I should have used from the beginning to avoid so much confusion. The projects on your site provide the inspiration to keep me trying to improve my Sketchup skills. Thanks and please keep up the great work.

  11. guylovelace says

    Thanks for the chance to receive the e-book. It is very generous of you also. Have a great Memorial Day.

  12. S Walls says

    Please add me to the list. I’m struggling with SketchUp and could use the help.

  13. Dean Wilcox says

    Jeff, thanks for being such an inspiration to us all. I really appreciate Bob’s willingness to share his talent with each of us.

  14. I’d like to have that book, ttoo.
    I never build anything without modeling it in SketchUp first

    Don Butler
    82 years old and still going

  15. Darin Cates says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this ebook. My 17 y.o. daughter and I would both put it to good use!

  16. Chuck Dorsey says

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn about Bob’s updated book. And thanks Jeff for your interesting and entertaining blog posts.

  17. Serafim Makris says

    Awesome, count me in! Love Bob’s teaching style.

  18. Lorenzo Jones says

    Count me in. I’ll put it to good use!

  19. I did see his book and always wanted to check it out and now with Bob being so generous as to give one a way maybe I’ll get my chance. Thanks Jeff for all your help with my sketch up endeavors as well. You the man!

  20. George says

    You guys are so generous,,,,i really need a copy of Bob’s new ebook to get me started in sketchup and improve my workflow …thanks for everything

  21. While I’ve been trying to draw more and use Sketchup less, I still use it from time to time. I’d love to get this new and updated guide for when I do get back into it. Thanks Bob L!

  22. Les Rassi says

    I really would like to learn how to use sketchup and if this helps, I’d love to see it. Thanks for the offer!

  23. Derek says

    Thanks to both of you (Bob & Jeff) for sharing all of your hard work. I’d love to get my hands on a copy of the book. In fact is I don’t won it, I’ll probably buy it.

  24. dorald123 says

    Thanks for this opportunity, Bob & Jeff. It is really appreciated.

  25. Yes, count me in on the contest. Bob is sooo generous – I’d like a copy of his e-book.

  26. Jeff, Thanks so much for this offer! I’m impressed with your blog and your prowess with Sketchup. Looking forward to your next project. Appreciate the chance to receive a copy of Bob’s eBook!

  27. Andrew Weaver says

    Please include me also. I’m having problems with Sketchup, and need the help.

  28. Yes, count me in on the contest. Bob is sooo generous – I’d like a copy of his e-book. I’m building a tiny house; his e-book would be most helpful!

  29. Lew says

    Please count me in, too. Bob’s stuff is top notch!

  30. bill lewis says

    thank you for your very generous gift. I would love to reproduce drawings like the ones found in woodworking magazines

  31. Stan Powell aka sawdustmaker72 says

    Throw my name in the pot. I need all the help I can get w/SketchUp. It is still a mystery. Thanks to Bob.

  32. Jack Waddington says

    I have a copy of the first edition, in both e-book and DVD, and believe me, it has been invaluable. Despite that, I still encounter an occasional problem, especially with the newer features, so I would dearly love a copy of the update.

  33. Glenn Stasse says

    I’d like this e-book because I need to get past the basics of SketchUp to the more efficient and expert uses. It’s so rich an environment but you usually don’t get to that richness and depth without some help from an expert.

    Thanks for the chance!

  34. Hi,
    Sounds like just what I need!!! I am new to CAD and Sketch-up. I admit I am having trouble making sense of the program. I am determined to learn it though, if for no other reason than to prove an old dog CAN learn a new trick!
    I enjoy your blog too which I have subscribed to for a couple of months now. I run Windows 8.1 and for some reason I can’t get any of the plans to download for me. I click on the appropriate area but nothing registers and nothing happens. Do you happen to know the reason for this? Thanks for your help, you blog and also for a chance to win the great e-book.

  35. Ken Koch says

    This would be a great tool for me to learn to more about sketchup.

  36. Lee Hockman says

    Hopefgully, with this new book an old dog, me, CAN learn new tricks!

  37. Earle Wright says

    Please include me! I’m a 67-year old woodworker who has been using SketchUp since Version 2, but I’m sure I’ve become “stuck” in doing things a certain way. I have a very limited income and cannot retire, nor can I afford to purchase this ebook. I have to carefully watch my monthly expenditures, as I’m still paying medical bills from a heart attack on 4/29/13, and I often end a month with $100 or less to my name. So, I continue to try to find work designing and building for client’s homes. The gift of this ebook would mean very much to me, and it would enhance my ability to design appealing work for the clients I pick up by word-of-mouth. I would be most appreciative to learn from an expert such as Bob Lang. Anything I can do to enhance my skills will increase my ability to earn a living.

  38. Chuck Decker says

    I would certainly be grateful to have a copy of New Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp.
    Please put my name in the hopper.

    Thank you!

  39. Cody Taber says

    I can’t believe he’s got another book out already and I hadn’t even read the first one yet. It feels like I’ve never used sketch up; oh wait I haven’t. I want to, I need to, but I dont know how to.
    This would be a great addition. Even the first copy would be good.


  40. Mike Nye says

    Thanks for the generous offer. Count me in. Can’t wait to learn this program.

  41. Bryan Lee says

    Thank you Jeff and Bob for making this generous offer of the “New Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp”. I have just started to learn SketchUp and want to use it to design walk in closets and furniture for my home and family. Wishing everyone a great Memorial Day.

  42. Stan Keenum says

    I would love to have a chance to win any item that would help with SketchUp. Thanks for the opportunity.

  43. Herb Fogelberg says

    I would love to get a copy of this. I have tried Sketch-Up off & on with frustration. I need a hands on class to learn it I guess.

  44. Marc Butler says

    Just getting started w/SketchUp and will take all the help/advice I can get. I really enjoy your blog-Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. Eric R says

    Keeping my fingers crossed to win a copy of Bob’s Sketch Up book.

  46. Allan C says

    I’ve been thinking about getting something like this. A win would be great!

  47. Sascha Herrle says

    Hi Jeff,
    Please also count me in on the contest.
    I’d love a copy of his e-book.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  48. Yes, count me in on the contest. Bob IS SO generous to this e-copy to be given away.
    But – in case my name is not selected – when & where is it available for purchase?

    I in the early 90’s, my employer sent me for beginners training in a DOS based AutoCAD offered by Marvin Windows & Doors to their distributors. We provided architects local access to Marvin’s custom design capabilities in the Mid-Atlantic states. In so doing, it provided an opportunity to develop lasting relationships with many amazing architects in our area. But in 2D – not 3D.

    A friend introduced me to SketchUp and the ease and speed of 3D capability blew my mind. Even now in retirement, I often still use both deign “custom stuff”, most would say useless stuff, for personal household needs. Typically, once drawn and stored on the hard drive, nothing actually gets built. I guess I just enjoy the “figuring it out” aspect.

    I never advanced very far in SketchUp skills I think because I need “book learning”. I’m hoping this book will be just the tool I need to grow into a higher skill level. I have enjoyed you blog (only for the last month or so) and would love to design some simple furniture.

    By the way, I really enjoyed your post on “The Man”. Lucky you though! I started writing to you about all I liked about your presentation “style” and substance – but once it became a 4 page tome I realized perhaps I said too much. – filed it under c:/documents/letters/letters-written–never meaning-to-send/.
    Now, that’s what I call real growth.

    And the fat man is still in the bathtub!

    Thanks, looking forward to more great posts!
    Joe Ledbetter

    • Too funny! Fat man in the bathtub is one of my Little Feet favorites. The have the best lyrics. Good to hear from you.

  49. Gordon Clarke says

    I’m struggling with the learning curve on SketchUp, so I’d be delighted to win a copy.

  50. Bob says

    The book would help with some of the intricacies of sketchup. It would be a great help in learning to use it well.

  51. Greg Skinner says

    I would love to have a copy of Bobs SketchUp e-book. It would be awesome to have help with my sketch up training. Please count me in on the contest!

  52. John says

    Count me in. You can never learn too much!

  53. Miguel Velazquez says

    I would like to be included in the contest. I have been meaning to learn sketch up for a while. Bob, thank you for the generosity!

  54. Regis Green says

    Yes, count me in on the contest. BOB IS REALLY GENEROUS!

  55. Col Roy says

    Thanks for the opportunity I’d like to learn and use SketchUp.

  56. John Chasse says

    Yes, count me in on the contest, new to woodworking and would love to learn sketchUP

  57. Carl Evans says

    This is a very generous offer by Bob. I have been struggling a bit with getting started using Sketchup for woodworking and maybe an entire book devoted to the subject would be just what it would take to jump start the process. Count me in on the contest.

  58. Paul says

    Absolutely count me in on the contest! Thanks, Bob, for being so generous – I’d like a copy of this e-book.

  59. DiRenzo James says

    JD, I definitely need a good tutorial on SB. Count me in.

  60. Doug Jenkins says

    Jeff, thanks for the opportunity to win this e-bood video. I am impressed with your builds. Sketch-up is something I truly enjoy playing with and would like to know more about. This could the answer, well if I don’t win I will probably buy the book anyway.

    I still would like to get together at sometime and have coffee and take about woodwork. Thanks again Doug

  61. allanb48 says

    Thanks to both of you for the opportunity! I’m a life-long woodworker and very IT-literate (it’s been my career for 45 years), but I just haven’t been able to “get it” with Sketchup. Hopefully Bob Lang’s new ebook will help me “over the hump”!

  62. ursusmaj0r says

    Both you and Bob are generous — you in sharing your knowledge and experience and Bob in providing his work for your review and as a gift to your readers. Please include me in the raffle. And roll, Tide.

  63. Please count me in. My engineer son uses the rendering tools. Time for the old man to catch up. Well, start catching up anyway……

  64. Mike Greene says

    I would love this E-Book from Bob. Yes, he is generous as well are you to give us the opportunity to win this. Thank you.

  65. Kyle says

    Thank you for your knowledge and experience

  66. Andy Sparks says

    Sketchup is such a powerful program and so useful for woodworkers. Many thanks to Bob Lang for helping teach it to interested people like me.

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