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SketchUp: Speed Modeling Via Jay Bates

On tap this weekend is some speed SketchUp work. I need to finish the Alabama Woodworker’s Guild Habitat For Humanities kitchen and bath woodworking plan. And, speaking of quick SketchUp work, nobody creates a SketchUp model with more speed than woodworker Jay Bates. Take a look at the video below; Jay zoom zooms through the creation of a sofa table SketchUp model.

While I think Jay needs to slow way down to better explain some of the short cuts he takes, the process he uses to make this model is unique. I have rotated legs like he does, but I rarely use this method. Also his technique used for making mortise and tenon joinery is interesting. If you like SketchUp, this video will show you a different way to approach a SketchUp model.

Once I get the AWG woodworking plan completed, I need to finalize the SketchUp model for my new tool cabinet; then get my workshop cleaned up prior to building anything. So, lots of SketchUp work is ahead of me. I hope you guys get some good shop time this weekend.


  1. Whew! Jay really flew that one! Almost like Ron Paul… Good info and just goes to show how quickly one can create a detailed plan in SketchUp. Looking forward to final plans for H4H. Thanks for posting!

    • Murf – I worked on this on and off throughout the weekend. I have to confess, I am still trying to determine the best way to explain the build process for this many cabinets. 🙂 But I’ll figure it out.

  2. Great! Loved watching you work. Nice Nice Nice.
    The diagonal added to the constraining box and rotating the legs and stretchers is a great tip. Also the layout. Sharing your thought process while watching Sketchup was very instructive. Now I’m of to apply what I learned.

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