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Build Kitchen Cabinets with Bob Lang’s New SketchUp Book

Special Offer – win a copy of Bob Lang’s new SketchUp book below.

Our home was built about 1988 and we still have the original kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are woefully out of date and in desperate need of replacing. But buying a full set of kitchen cabinets is expensive and as a woodworker, I know I can build better cabinets than what I see in showrooms. The reason my wife and I still live with old cabinets is that the task of building new cabinets is sooo daunting. I get a headache just thinking about it.

But what if I could build my kitchen cabinets first in my computer? What if I could work out appliance locations; look at different cabinet styles and see how they fit with existing door ways and windows? That would be cool, right? Doing these things ahead of time would help make a monstrous task much more manageable. And this idea is at the core of Bob Lang’s new SketchUp book titled SketchUp for Kitchen Design.

With SketchUp for Kitchen Design Bob Lang shows how the woodworker can maximize the design power found in SketchUp. Bob writes…

“This book begins with creating a model of a room and progresses through various methods of creating a complete kitchen and presenting the finished design. The best part is the ability to test your designs in three dimensions. If your partner or client isn’t convinced that your layout works, you’ll be able to show them and they can view it from any angle. If they insist that it should be different, you’ll be able to show the options in a short period of time.

And when you go ahead with the real thing, you’ll have complete information at hand. You’ll know the exact size of every part and how the bits and pieces fit together. You’ll have the confidence that everything will fit in the room because you’ve built a good model on screen.”

Getting Started

Firstly, the book is 192 pages and contains a ton of embedded video. SketchUp video tutorial = awesomeness. There are ten chapters in SketchUp for Kitchen Design and each chapter includes multiple videos.

The book begins with some SketchUp fundamentals; tips for using various tools and how to navigate in a 3D environment. Bob devotes 27 pages and 7 videos to help establish a basic understanding of how SketchUp works. If you need more help getting started with SketchUp, Bob provides a way to get a discount on his book for beginners titled Building Blocks of SketchUp.

Chapter 3, "Begin With the Room."

Chapter 3, “Begin With the Room.”

Design Specifically for Your Kitchen

Once you are comfortable with SketchUp, the rest of the book will take you through the process for building a 3D model of your future kitchen. What I find interesting here is that the subject moves away from woodworking towards architectural modeling…

  • Chapter 3 “Begin With the Room” – Bob writes: “The biggest factor in planning a kitchen is the size and shape of the room.” Six videos in this chapter.
  • Chapter 4 “Appliance & Cabinet Layout” – How to use SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse as a design tool. Six videos in this chapter.
  • Chapter 5 “Add Dimension & Develop a Schedule” – Bob writes: “when the design is finished, the information about details and sizes can be extracted from the model.” Three videos in this chapter.
Chapter 8, "Make It Look Real."

Chapter 8, “Make It Look Real.”

  • Chapter 6 “Refine the Details & Appearance” – Bob writes: “Like almost everything else in life, there will be compromises between what we would like to have and what we can afford. Adding detail to the model will help to make these decisions.” Three videos in this chapter.
  • Chapter 7 “Work With Stock Cabinets” – Finding stock cabinets in the 3D Warehouse. Six videos in this chapter.
  • Chapter 8 “Make it Look Real” – A favorite chapter of mine; tips on how to (among other things) render a complete model. Five videos in this chapter.
  • Chapter 9 “Share Information From the Model” – Bob writes: “Design is a two-step process; the first step is to solve a problem and the second is to communicate the solution. Seven videos including instruction for Pro features such as Layout. Seven videos in this chapter.
  • Chapter 10 “Model From An Imported Floor Plan” – Two videos in this chapter.


In the past, I would often design furniture projects using a pencil and graph paper, and making frequent use of an eraser. I just can’t imagine doing the same for a full set of kitchen cabinets. In SketchUp for Kitchen Design, Bob Lang shows us how to use SketchUp as a design tool; not so much as a tool for building kitchen cabinets. You can get that from his other books on SketchUp (see them here). If you see a new set of kitchen cabinets in your future, you will find SketchUp for Kitchen Design a useful tool and well worth the money.

You can purchase a copy at Bob’s website by clicking here.

Win a copy of SketchUp for Kitchen Design

Bob Lang has graciously made available a copy of his new book as a give-away. If you would like to enter the contest, leave a comment below. On Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 5:00 pm USA central time, I’ll close the comments and using, choose the winner. Using the email address provided when commenting, I’ll alert the winner of SketchUp for Kitchen Design and a copy will be sent promptly. This is an enhanced PDF file, not an actual book. One entry per person please. Good luck!

WE HAVE A WINNER – picked comment #4 which was written by Lewis Kauffman. Lewis, you will be sent the download link by Bob Lang. I’ll alert him to send it your way. Thanks to everyone who left a comment.


  1. Darryl Horton says

    Looks good for any room design. I’m thinking a new shop.

  2. Jim Maher says

    Always interested in playing with kitchen ideas. And, for me, a pdf might be better than a hard copy book.

  3. Ed Ott says

    Working with Sketch up in the past has always helped with my projects. Bob’s book looks like it would provide the inspiration and direction needed to take on the project.

  4. Lewis Kauffman says

    I often check Mr. Lang’s Sketchup tutorials. They are easy to follow and well written.

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great book. I love reading your blog and watching the projects from start to finish.

  6. Bevan Richardson says

    This sounds like a fantastic offer. I am looking forward to working my way through my prize!!

  7. Phil davis says

    Nice to see what it will look like before starting cutting the wood.

  8. John Wolfe says

    Sounds like a good way to map out my shop for tool and cabinet placement.

  9. I’m designing a kitchen for a small timber frame cabin we are building on our farm and I used Sketchup to model the frame so it would be a great fit to use Sketchup to model the kitchen. Thanks for making this available.

  10. Dean Wilcox says

    Thanks Jeff for sharing with us. Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. Our house was built in 1990 and we too still have the original cabinets.

  11. Hola Jeff, felicitaciones por el nuevo libro, si duda nos será muy util para hacer nuestros muebles de cocina. Saludos José Saavedra desde el Valle Las Trancas, Pinto – Chile.

  12. Davide Nicoli says

    Well done. I think that Mr. Lang’s Sketchup tutorials will help a lot! Greetings from Italy!

  13. Mike Evans says

    Looks like the kick in the pants I need to finally get into using Sketchup. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  14. Donald Markham says

    I love Bob Lang’s cabinet building books and this would be a great addition

  15. Patrick Corvin says

    My wife will be thrilled if I win. But then I’d have no excuse to put off designing and building the new kitchen cabinets she’s been wanting.

  16. Sammy says

    This is the right book at the right time – next spring the new kitchen has to be designed and preplanned, so the work on it can begin!

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