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Free Woodworking Plan: Build a Modern Kitchen Cupboard

Today, I launch my fourteenth woodworking plan titled You Can Build a Modern Kitchen Cupboard. The design of this cupboard started out as a traditional cupboard, but then slowly turned modern with the addition of birdseye maple as an accent wood to the painted pine and plywood. The contemporary door and drawer pulls are illustrated in a contrasting cherry wood, the little extension of the center face frame style and the curved ends to the cupboard top complete the modern look.

You Can Build a Modern Kitchen Cupboard is a fully illustrated 30 page document and includes multiple exploded views, a cut list and material cutting diagram for the plywood components. There is also a detailed SketchUp model available for download. Let’s take a look at some sample pages…

Page 3 – Main dimensions.

Page 5 – View showing door and drawer construction.

Page 19 – Overview of door joinery.

Page 30 showing the plywood cutting diagram.

The Modern Kitchen Cupboard is rated as a moderate skill level project due to the mortise and tenon joinery along with the raised panel in the doors. But, you could substitute more simple joinery for the M & T and the panels in the door don’t have to be raised.

Free Download: The Plan and the SketchUp Model

First, the link for You Can Build a Modern Kitchen Cupboard is below. I have double checked the cutlist for accuracy and have read through the plan repeatedly to ensure the instruction are correct and concise. If you would like to build a version of the Modern Kitchen Cupboard, read through the plan several times and if any clarification is needed, you can email me your question by using my contact page. I am always happy to help out.


The SketchUp model is helpful to have on hand as you contemplate construction methods. The Modern Kitchen Cupboard 3D model includes a very good birdseye maple material as well as cherry and a good plywood material; so even if you don’t plan to build this cupboard, the model itself may be useful. You will also find screws and correctly positioned pocket screws.

Download the SketchUp model – click here.

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