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Reader Builds the Bedside Table

On occasion, I’ll get an email alerting me to someone building a project following one of my woodworking plans. These emails are always welcome and are an instant bright spot in my day. Someone thought enough of something I designed to put it in their own home. Pretty sweet.

Such was the case when Irwin of Southern California sent me a message through my contact page. He was asking some questions about the plan and I asked him to take construction photos so I can feature his work on my blog. His project is completed and I am giving him an A+++.

The woodworking plan, components and a nice looking SawStop.

Lots of panels in this project – here, the sides and web frames.

The bedside table taking shape.

The face frame completed; door and drawer beads going on.

Base added. Irwin add his own design for the bracket feet.

Breadboard ends for top.

Finish being applied.

Nice color.

The completed bedside table (Irwin built the bed too).

In addition to learning how to make frame and panel sides and doors, this table is also a good teaching project for making beaded openings for the drawer and doors, making bracket feet and creating a table top with breadboard ends. The bedside table is one of my most popular plans; second only to the queen size bed I built. It feels good to know that yet another bedside table has been born. Irwin, great job!

Want to know more about this woodworking plan? See it by clicking here. You can save the document free of charge; I don’t even want your email address or ask you to sign up for a newsletter. See all my woodworking plans by clicking here (they are all free).

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