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Free Woodworking Plan: Old World Dining Table

Axciting news! My fifteenth woodworking plan called You Can Build an Old World Dining Table is available for download at the link below. This is the first of many I’ll publish in 2018, but Old World Dining Table will be my last free one for a while. I want to experiment again with selling plans; something that has not been a significant money-maker in the past.

The styling for this table was inspired originally by furniture seen in Harry Potter movies. I researched set design images from this movie series paying attention to leg and foot profiles. I also looked at workbench designs which included historic leg and foot forms. The resulting table design includes a bold foot, heavy timbers for the legs as well as a significant structure supporting the table top. This table can be disassembled for ease of moving. I need to tell you that this table is designed to fit in the dining room of my home. The top measures 72″ x 40″ and will accommodate eight adults, but seating will be just a little cozy.

I consider this project to be an advanced skill level if for no other reason than the fact that dealing with large, heavy timbers can be challenging for many woodworkers. Plus, there are some challenging joints in this table. Also, you will need a thickness planer to process some of the thicker components like the legs and table top.

The plan is 20 pages in length and I am making the SketchUp model available as a free download. In this plan, I am for the first time using some rustic textures for the background of several images.

Page 1

Page 5, the exploded view showing the main joinery.

Page 14, adding the undercarriage.

Page 19, attaching the table top.

The Plan and SketchUp Model Free

This breaks all the rules of online marketing, but this plan is totally free and I do not ask for your email address, so I won’t be sending you any emails after your download.

I have triple checked the plan for accuracy, and be sure to read through the plan a time or two prior to construction. There are things like the table clips which attach the table top to the undercarriage, and are shown about half way through the plan but don’t get used until later in construction. So read all of it to make sure you have a full understanding how to build the table. If you have questions you can send me an email via my contact page.


To help understand the construction process for this table, I have uploaded the SketchUp model to the 3D Warehouse. You can download the model into SketchUp and view it from any angle and pull it apart as need be to better understand how to build the table.



Articles from the web which go into more detail about joinery, etc.

  • Popular Woodworking has an article at their website detailing the steps for obtaining a classic Arts and Crafts look on quarter sawn white oak. See it here.
  • Woodworker’s Journal with an article on making a bridle joint. See it here.
  • Wood magazine with an article on bread board ends. See it here.

I’ll add more resources as they become available.

* * * * *

Have a question or comment about this post? Leave me a comment below; but I also like email. Use my contact form to send me an email (click here).


  1. Very nice and very thorough set of plans Jeff. Impressive!

    I’ll be interested on the feedback you get concerning the inclusion of shadows. While visually impressive, I find them distracting for construction drawings. Just one man’s opinion though.

    • I understand your point because I have tried to find a way to separate the shadows from the rest of the image. The only thing I can adjust is the light settings which makes the shadows less dark. I even go to the trouble of adding a white shadow to some of the leaders to make them more visible where they cross shadows. Something to continue working on.

  2. This looks great, Jeff! Love the textured background. The technical rendering is impressive as ever.

    • Thanks. I had to use restraint with the textured backgrounds. One was done totally in Photoshop and the others I did with MS Publisher. I am getting a little more confident with Photoshop. 🙂

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