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Reader Builds the Jackson Dresser

I’m not sure how prolific a woodworker Scott M. of Wyoming is. I’m not sure if he lays awake at night and thinks of the next step in that woodworking project in the workshop (like many of us do). I have no idea how many woodworking magazines he subscribes to or how many woodworking books sit in his bookcase. I suspect he’s pretty serious though because he just finished the dresser featured in my Jackson Dresser woodworking plan; a significant project and he did a mighty fine job with it.

The Jackson Dresser is not a beginner piece. The size alone can be challenging and there are two large raised panels to make, bracket feet to cut and a sizable top to make. To me, all of these steps takes extra skill (and tools) to pull off well and as I say, photos don’t lie. Scott’s photos show excellent work…

The case coming together. Alder is the wood.

Layout of the face frame.

Molding for the base being fitted.

The finished dresser.

So to Scott; a job well done and if you would like to examine the Jackson Dresser woodworking plan, you can see it here for free (an instant download even), and the SketchUp model is here. My fourteen other woodworking plans can be seen here. They are free too. If you build something from one of my plans, I’ll be glad to show your finished work and photos of the construction process. Just use my contact page.

Now, all of this makes me want to get into my workshop and make some sawdust.

BONUS: See my article on adding realistic materials to your SketchUp models by clicking here.

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