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A Moroubian Tool Cabinet, Part 2

I have to tell you there are some super exciting things going on at Jeff Branch Woodworking. So exciting that my workshop has been neglected. I have two woodworking plans underway with one being for a nationally known woodworker. And there is an additional thing in the works which may mean that I will build a second Moroubian workbench. Cool stuff for sure and again, EXCITING.

Most recently, I have been back in my workshop making definite progress on the Moroubian tool cabinet. I am building drawers (there will be 12 of them) and after some considerable thought, I zeroed in on the joinery for the drawers which will be simple yet durable. Simple and durable = good.

I recently purchased a Katz-Moses dovetail guide which means I am looking for a project to try out this accessory; but it won’t be with my Moroubian tool cabinet. But I did give hand cut dovetails serious consideration.

Years ago, I upgraded my master bath cabinets. I re-built the doors and drawers and added bracket feet to the existing cabinet. For the drawers I used a super simple rabbet joint (not sure what this joint is officially known as, but I’m calling it a rabbet drawer joint).

This is where I create a rabbet on the front and back of the drawer box and then create a corresponding dado in the drawer sides. I then cut a rabbet along the bottom edge of the sides and front/back parts to accept the drawer bottom. Dead simple and based on the performance of my now really old master bath drawers, this joinery works very well. For my workbench tool cabinet, the joinery looks like this…

Simple but effective drawer joinery.

To get a super snug fit at each joint, I am using a new accessory, my Kreg Precision Miter Gauge System (system? Marketing gone wild?). Take a look…

The Kreg Precision Miter Gauge is just that; precise.

I have not made any angled cuts yet.

My table saw is a Jet 10″ contractor saw which at the time of purchase, had received glowing reviews by Fine Woodworking. Good saw, but the miter gauge was a fussy contraption and something I should have replaced long ago. I can be a stubborn woodworker and my recommendation is for you to not be like me. Upgrade your miter gauge if need be; you will be glad you did.

The best thing I like about this new miter gauge is the tape measure and stop. These allow me to zero in on an accurate cut and then pretty much lock the board in place for cutting. Boards can slide left to right when being pushed by a miter gauge. The Kreg Precision Miter Gauge helps me maintain control while cutting.

Six drawer boxes glued up.

I have been putting some of the features of my new workbench to use with this project. I used my hold fast to keep parts from moving while trimming with my block plane. And after adding the drawer bottoms (1/4″ plywood), I used the front vise to hold each drawer for some touch up again with my block plane.

A long travel vise is nice to have.

Joinery close-up; looking good.


I have six of twelve drawer boxes finished; I’ll go ahead and mount the drawers to the cabinet. I have purchased some quarter-sawn white oak which will be used to face the drawer boxes and will ultimately be colored the same as the front/rear stretchers. These need to planed to thickness, cut to fit and then mounted to the drawer boxes. And then I’ll do this all over for the six drawers on the back of my Moroubian Tool Cabinet. So, still a lot to do before this project is complete.

* * * * *

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  1. jefski says

    Great progress. You’ve nearly persuaded me to add drawers under my bench, as long as they’re low enough not to interfere with a holdfast. I was also pleased with an aftermarket miter gauge after years with the original style. Quite an improvement in results. Looking forward to reading more about what you have coming up!

    • I did not settle on the final size of the tool cabinet until I could poke my holdfast down through the bench and get a good measurement. Even so, there may be a situation in the future where the cabinet is in the way. But I still have my old torsion beam workbench if that ever happens. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Bill says

    Your bench is looking great, Jeff! Might we see a listing one day in the future to the likes of “Jeff Branch Moroubian Workbenches”? Your work is that good, sir!

  3. Having trouble seeing how you attached bottoms. You said you used a rabbit? Thanks! I was planning on buying a dovetail jig to do some drawers but Inthink this will work great!

    • See the image below. This shows a drawer turned upside down and the drawer bottom pulled away. The rabbits are highlighted in blue. Does this help?

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