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Arts and Crafts Side Table Woodworking Plan

Today I launch my sixteenth woodworking plan. This new plan, titled You Can Build the Gustave Side Table details the construction of a side table in a style which I call “Craftsman Lite”. The design blends basic elements found in Arts and Crafts furniture, but some of the classic A & C details are missing. Details like exposed joinery, ebony accents, the look of mass and bulk like what you see in Stickley furniture. My home is pretty traditional and something like a full-blown Greene and Greene style table wouldn’t fit the overall style of our home. But a more mild version of Arts and Crafts furniture would. And that is the goal with this design.

And this plan will be the first in a long time to be a paid one. If I am going to continue to explore making higher quality plans, I am going to have to start making some money to help pay for the software upgrades I need. I still have fifteen free plans, but new plans going forward will be paid ones.

Preview the plan in the slideshow below…

The Gustave Side Table measures 26-1/16″ tall by 25-1/4″ wide and is 17″ deep. It is intended to be a bedside table, but could easily be altered to work as a sofa or chair side table. I consider this project to be an intermediate skill level. The design calls for material of various thickness which means you will need a thickness planer or be skilled in the use of hand planes. Also, most of the joinery is mortise and tenon, a more difficult joint to make than dowel joinery or pocket screws.

You Can Build the Gustave Side Table is 26 pages in length and includes large, easy to see illustrations covering all every aspect of construction. The plan includes a cut list and material cutting diagram as well as a fully detailed SketchUp model. More images from the plan…

Purchasing the Plan

You Can Build the Gustave Side Table is available for $14.99. Your purchase includes the 26 page plan and the SketchUp model. By clicking the link below, you will be taken to my Etsy shop where you can buy it as an instant download.


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  1. Simply amazing!
    Your talent is unchallenged.
    One day I would love to be able to make something half as good, for now, I shall simply admire your handiwork.
    So glad that you take the time to share your creations.

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