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Contemporary Coffee Table Woodworking Plan and Guide

Today, I launch my 17th woodworking plan and the second plan to be sold in my Etsy shop. The plan titled “You Can Build the Lynne Coffee Table” details the construction process for building the table which gains some bold styling from the combination of mahogany and tiger maple.

The table measures 34-1/2″ wide, 17-3/4″ tall and is 18-3/4″ deep. Our family room is on the smallish side and this table is designed for such a room.

The primary joinery is via dowels; a strong and easy joint to make. The lower shelf is attached by way of mortise and tenon joinery and the top is attached with wooden clips which fit into slots.

See this preview of the plan and guide…

The plan includes the SketchUp model, links to online resources and even ways to alter the table to make it your own. I consider this to be a beginner to intermediate project due to the simple dowel joinery, but the maker will also get more practice with mortise and tenon joinery and the use of premium woods which may require processing prior to use.

Purchasing the Plan

You Can Build the Lynne Coffee Table is available for $14.99. Your purchase includes the 15 page plan and the SketchUp model. By clicking the link below, you will be taken to my Etsy shop where you can buy it as an instant download.


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