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A Note About “Cheesy Ads”

I got a negative comment this morning about the ads which appear on my website. I’ll be the first to say that yes the ads are cheesy and in fact are almost intolerable for me.

Plus, I have recently seen ads appear in new places. Those of you who subscribe by email now see advertising in these emails and if you view a post on a cell phone, you will see an ad appear at the top of your browser.

But, right now I am keeping them in place because I am spending at least $100 a year to operate this blog and the software I use for illustration and plans cost an additional $400+ per year and I would like to upgrade the software I use (which will just cost more).

The good news is I am beginning to receive income from selling woodworking plans and I just finished one custom/one-off woodworking plan for a reader and I have another one right behind it. Both of these are projects which I am getting paid to complete.

As soon as I can consistently cover these costs, the first thing I’ll do is remove the ads from my blog. Or if WordPress keeps putting them in additional places I’ll turn them off.

So, I ask for patience and understanding because I am way upside down on the cost of these things, but I am seeing income from other sources.

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During the week, I sell flooring products for The Dixie Group. Weekends, you'll find me in my basement workshop making furniture.


  1. jefski says

    Your blog posts are well worth looking past the ads. Nearly all of us have been watching television and listening to radio all of our lives and tolerating the ads, even occasionally enjoying a few. Seeing them on your website has yet to diminish the enjoyment and appreciation of what you share. Your response to the complaint was right on. If the ads bother someone, perhaps they should limit their web browsing to sites where they’re paying for the content. There are some good ones. I hope you carry on as you have been, and if the ads are part of it, so be it.

    • Thanks, there is a point where the ads are too much. At one point WordPress was doing video ads where were “stuck” to your screen and as you scrolled down the ads would move as well. So if it gets too annoying I’ll turn them off.

    • Vince says

      The only time an ad bothers me is when it opens over the web page and then when you click the X to close the ad, it goes to the ad anyway. I notice this more on my phone than when using the computer.

  2. Hal brown says

    Thanks for what you do it a lot of manhrs plus the cost as you commented. There’s always someone who likes be critical of someone else work they need step up to plate an contribute. maybe they need post some of their work I’ll be glad to with comments maybe setup viewer projects column section.

  3. Chuck says

    Jeff, don’t worry about it! No one is forcing us to read or click on ads. Compared to what you see on other woodworking sites you are just getting started.

    The Bible makes it clear that you deserve to be paid what you have earned. Here is just one example (NIV translation):

    “For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.”
    1 Timothy 5:18 NIV


    • Hey Chuck, thanks for the Bible verse. I have William Barclay’s study bible series. I am going to look at that when I get home. 🙂

      • Chuck says

        Maybe you have this already. I am a big fan of a free app called “Holy Bible” by YouVersion. It works and syncs with all devices. It offers so much! You can read almost any translation for free. I have read through The KJV, NIV, GW, AKJV, and AMP translations. You can download the translations to your devices which helps when not near a Wifi. It also has free full length movies, short videos about other things, and devotional plans on almost any topic in your life. There are videos that explain the literary styles of writing used in the BIble and how it all ties together. You can communicate with your friends if you want, highlight scripture, take notes, search for passages. Verse of the day. It allows you to compare 2 different translations side-by-side. It will even read the Bible aloud for you. I have it with me all the time. I put it on a cheap RCA tablet from Walmart that has a keyboard. I use it because the font size is easier for my old “eye” to see.
        Sorry for the the long reply, but this app has been such a huge blessing for me.

  4. It’s a misunderstanding from some readers that we blog writers get to choose the ads placed on our site. It’s the cost of “free.”

    I pay to have an ad free site and make no money from blogging (and I have no plan to).

    Glad to hear you’re selling your plans – they’re good and you deserve a reward for your work.

    • That is a good point. If I used a self hosted site, I could actually control the placement of ads, how many readers see, etc. With WordPress, they control it. I like WordPress but there may be a time in the future that I do something different.

    Anyone capable of understanding basic economics knows content has to be paid for one way another. Pay for the content directly (ie Patreon), view ads, or have your private personal data be sold to the highest bidder (Facebook).
    The business model of the “free” internet is surveillance. I’d rather look at ads, thank you.

    • I do want this website to be self sufficient, but I also get enjoyment from it so for a long time I was OK with the website being ad free. But I’m at the point of investing more money in this whole thing I do online. And software providers like Adobe from whom I get Photoshop and Acrobat have gone to a monthly subscription. So it is hard to keep adding more monthly charges to my online stuff and still buy tools and lumber.

  6. All good Buddy. Jeff are you planning on doing a series of posts on how best to use Sketch Up? That would be awesome to learn from a Master such as yourself!

    • I don’t have a SketchUp basics in the works right now. I have a large woodworking project on the horizon and I also will serve as an officer in the Alabama Woodworkers Guild in 2019. I have done some basic looking for video software and even bought a microphone, but I never got beyond some initial planning. I’ll consider some tutorials.

  7. ursusmaj0r says

    The subject matter of many ads is typically based on the viewer’s browsing and searching. So if one is seeing “cheesey” ads, they must already be interested in cheese.

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