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Rolling Tool Cabinet Woodworking Plan

Today, I am publishing my 19th woodworking plan. Titled You Can Build a Rolling Tool Cabinet, this 21 page plan covers the construction steps needed to build a 12 drawer tool cabinet with an open area where larger tools can be stored. This plan is based on the tool cabinet I used in my workshop for almost 30 years.

The tool cabinet which is made from sheets of plywood contains basic joinery methods like screws and glue, brads and glue and a few pocket screws. See the slide show video below for a quick view of the plan…

The tool cabinet with casters measures 52-1/4″ tall, 33″ wide and 19-3/4″ deep. The drawers roll on 18″ ball bearing drawer slides and as the title indicates, the cabinet rolls on casters which makes it easy to move your tool cabinet closer to your work area.

At 21 pages, this is more than just some elevations of the cabinet and a cut list. In addition to elevations and a cut list, there are four pages of material cutting diagrams, multiple exploded views and embedded hyperlinks. This is a full construction guide. The links in the plan take the maker to videos showing more detailed information for mounting drawers, using a track saw and how to use a circular saw with a straight edge. Also important is the link on page 4 which will enable you to download the SketchUp model.

See the Plan at Etsy

You Can Build a Rolling Tool Cabinet is available for purchase at my Etsy shop for 14.99


See all my woodworking plans here, 15 of them are totally free.

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