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Woodworking Plan – Jay Bates’ Krenovian Coffee Table

About a year ago, I was travelling through Starkville, Mississippi for work and met with Jay Bates and Shawn Stone over lunch. My goal was to talk about the world of YouTube videos. Jay had just published the third video documenting the assembly of his Krenov inspired coffee table. During my consumption of buffalo chicken fingers and sweet tea, Jay asks if I would be interested in creating the woodworking plan for his new coffee table. Talks continued by phone and email and now all this time later his woodworking plan is finished (Jay took a long break from his coffee table and only recently finished it). The plan is now live on his website and I am linking to it below.

A unique opportunity
My woodworking plans almost never feature photos. The lighting in my shop is poor and until just recently, I have not had a good quality camera. I rely almost 100% on SketchUp models for the images in my plans. Jay’s shop is well lit and his video equipment is top notch, so this was an opportunity to add a new element (photos) to the page design of his woodworking plan. Also, I had to adapt to Jay’s way of explaining construction steps which wasn’t hard at all, but I got to view making a plan from a different person’s perspective. Made me think outside the box a little. Jay was easy to work with and it was an fun project.

Oh, and also new (to me) was the ability to work alongside a video tutorial. Jay has developed four YouTube videos capturing his thoughts as he built the coffee table and a fifth video covering the table’s design. As construction progressed through the woodworking plan, I was able to add hyperlinks for his videos where the reader can also see Jay actually building the table. I can’t imagine a construction guide being more complete.

A super big image for the cover page.

Page three showing one of two main exploded views. I sourced good materials to use in the SketchUp model Jay provided.

Another big photo for page 17.

Page 18, an exploded view showing drawer construction.

Plan details
The Krenov Inspired Coffee Table is 21 pages in length and includes a cutting diagram, part descriptions and is a construction guide for building the table. The table measures 19-1/8″ high, 36-7/8″ long and 19-1/2″ deep.

The table uses dovetail joinery for the case and drawers. Through mortise and tenon joinery are also used in the case as well as the base structure. This is an advanced level project.

Remember there is a five part video series which this plan is a companion.

YOU CAN PURCHASE THE PLAN by going to the link below. This is an affiliate link and I will earn a small commission from the sale of this plan.

Jay’s Custom Creations Krenov Inspired Coffee Table

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