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Window Seat Bookcase: Taming Tear-Out

IT IS NEVER GOOD TO HEAR loud sounds while sending a nice piece of cherry through a planer. This happened a few months ago while fabricating the slats for the back panels of my window seat bookcase. With each pass through the planer, I would look at the boards being surfaced and note the grain and how I am glad I heard Matt Kenney say cherry is his favorite wood. If cherry is good enough for Matt, its  good enough for me. All I wanted to hear was the extremely loud hummmm of the planer doing it’s work. Hearing additional loud things made me cringe because I knew a problem was underway. As this particular board (see photo above) slowly exited the planer, the problem became visible. Instead of wood being cut away by the planer, some of it had been torn away. While inspecting this board I am sure a few cuss words were spoken. But as Charles Neil says, cussing is part of the creative process. Cherry is a luscious wood with finish …

Workshop Wall Surround, Part 4

This project has meant dealing with a lot of sheet goods. For many woodworkers, breaking down sheet goods on the table saw is a challenging affair; even dangerous without the assistance of a shop helper. So far, I have been working with quarter-inch thick plywood. Even though this thin material does not weigh much, ripping wide sections of eight foot long material is a little tricky. Unsupported thin plywood will sag and in general, it will be uncooperative. Now I am working with much heavier and more difficult 3/4 inch thick plywood. Just as I did with the quarter-inch plywood, I take advantage of the panel saw at my home center and have the 3/4 stock ripped in half – easy to transport and easier to make additional cuts in my workshop. Since I want to use my table saw for additional rips on these 2 x 8 foot plywood panels, I am somewhat concerned about sending this size stock through my table saw. To help support the long and still somewhat heavy stock while …

My next project

This is one of those interesting times. I am finished with my front porch renovation, so I have to decide what my next project will be. Under consideration: New end tables for our family room New saw horses New miter saw station A mobile base for my band saw A storage cabinet An elaborate built-in tool cabinet and wall surround Since I just completed a big outdoor project, what I like is this list is nothing but indoor projects.