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It’s Been A Blast

Something happened in October that I haven’t mentioned. My blog turned 10 years old, which is quite an accomplishment. Especially since there are so few active woodworking blogs these days. Around 2009 and for several years later, it seemed that if you were a woodworker, then you had to have a blog. Now most of the woodworking action is on YouTube and Instagram. My first blog post was dated October 9, 2009. I was working on our coffee table (seen in the image at the top of this post). It was an exercise in how to make an attractive table with nothing but straight lines. There isn’t a curve on it anywhere. And it was an early example of mixing two species of wood, in this case tiger maple and red oak. I never liked that I used oak plywood for the shelf. I created a free woodworking plan for it (here) which has an altered shelf very similar to the design of the top. This table still sits in our family room (and we …

Chris Schwarz Types Out my Name in a Blog Post

I am thinking about getting this framed and put up in my workshop. I sent an email to my family members the other day when this blog post appeared at Lost Art Press. I said that Chris Schwarz is an important person in world of woodworking. If you did not know, he promoted a blog post of mine; which in turn was promoting a product of his. A case of scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours? Maybe, but it was fun to see; a nice way to start the Labor Day weekend. Not that he said anything more than I am a veteran woodworker. Life goes on. Tomorrow I’ll have to find a way to sell more flooring; my mom needs her grass cut; I owe a visit to see my dad and we need to get my daughter’s new laptop working. So in the big picture of life, this does not matter at all. But it was still nice to see. 🙂

Summer Reading: Box Making by Doug Stowe

Nice: a woodworking book and the beach. Ah, summer. A time when many a woodshop gets too hot and humid to work in, and for me, time for our annual trip to the emerald waters of north west Florida. This usually means a new woodworking book to read while taking in the sun and sun tan lotion laced breezes. This year I chose Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Box Making by Doug Stowe. Why? One of these days I’d like to build projects that don’t take six months (or longer) to complete. Hopefully making a box will go much faster than building a bed or creating custom crown molding. Box making will allow me to experiment with woods which are more exotic than pine or red oak, without spending a ton of money. Plus I have seen some mighty creative box designs and wood combinations. Doug Stowe is big on boxes. He has written seven books for Taunton as well as created a DVD on box construction, and he has written a number of articles …