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A Note About “Cheesy Ads”

I got a negative comment this morning about the ads which appear on my website. I’ll be the first to say that yes the ads are cheesy and in fact are almost intolerable for me. Plus, I have recently seen ads appear in new places. Those of you who subscribe by email now see advertising in these emails and if you view a post on a cell phone, you will see an ad appear at the top of your browser. But, right now I am keeping them in place because I am spending at least $100 a year to operate this blog and the software I use for illustration and plans cost an additional $400+ per year and I would like to upgrade the software I use (which will just cost more). The good news is I am beginning to receive income from selling woodworking plans and I just finished one custom/one-off woodworking plan for a reader and I have another one right behind it. Both of these are projects which I am getting paid …

Your Stats Are Booming

During my high school and college years, the biggest rock bands played at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center Arena. The BJCC arena was the largest indoor concert space in the state of Alabama. I saw bands like the Eagles, Aerosmith, Bad Company (twice), Crosby, Stills and Nash, and Kiss (four times). A sold-out show meant an attendance of about 20,000 people. Yesterday, my blog had a record day. I got the coveted “Your stats are booming” alert from WordPress three times. See the stats graph above. On a good day, I’ll normally get about 1,000 page views. The total yesterday: 27,523. Thats way better than a sold out show at the BJCC arena (maybe this is a bad analogy, but I got a lot of eyes on my blog yesterday). SketchUp featured one of my woodworking plans in their recent email newsletter; best of the web section. See the red arrow below. I began this blog in 2009. One thing I have learned is that to get noticed in the crowded blogosphere, you need the help …

Window Seat Bookcase: The Aprons, Part 1

So, how y’all been doing? I have not written a post about my current project since July 6th, which is shocking. I have never had such a lapse in blogging since I started way back in 2009. I once wrote that a neglected blog is such a sad thing. It takes courage to hit the “publish” button and put your words and ideas out there for everyone to see. Courage with every blog post; something good to see. Then, a woodworking blog goes silent, often right in the middle of a project. One of the guys I used to follow was making a sweet Arts and Crafts style bookcase and just when the project was getting good; he stopped blogging. For real! I hate it when that happens. There are too many silent woodworking blogs, and I don’t want mine to be one of them. 🙂