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Changes for The Modern Kitchen Cupboard

I like the design I developed for my next woodworking plan (shown above). I am calling this piece of furniture the Modern Kitchen Cupboard. I like the overall shape, I like the gray paint and birdseye maple combination, the sweeping curves to the top; the modern door/drawer pulls. Pretty much all of it, except one thing. When designing in SketchUp, I have learned the hard way to never rely just on your 3D model for a final design. Always draw it full size to confirm you like it; confirm there are no surprises (make a full size model if possible like this one). So, I bought some poster board and taped several sheets together and did just that; draw the Modern Kitchen Cupboard full size. I quickly discovered a design flaw. The cupboard is simply too short. In the image at the top of this post, I have added a scale figure which shows what I am talking about. The cupboard height is around this guy’s elbow. When I stretched out my tape measure while …


New Tool Cabinet: Building the Drawers, Part 1

I read The Anarchist Tool Chest by Chris Schwarz and liked it. I finished his landmark book more than a year ago and after taking it all in, I decided to focus on developing a set of quality joinery techniques which I would then continue to use and perfect. I bought a fence to help me easily make mortises with my router (the mortise = the difficult step in making a mortise and tenon joint). Of course, Mr. Schwarz would cut a mortise by hand, but I think adopting mortise and tenon joinery vs. pocket screws would make him happy; even if I use a router. And, after using pocket screws extensively on this project, I am not inclined to use them this extensively ever again. For drawers, my preference, at least for now, is making the corner joinery using dowels. I am certain there are woodworkers who would tell me that creating dovetails for drawers is just as fast and easy. I’ll bet they would be right given enough time to get good at …


Between Two Woodworking Worlds

Did you notice these photos in a recent blog post on the washer/dryer table project? Photos of a Lie-Nielsen smoothing plane and a Kreg pocket screw jig both in the same blog post. These two photos are indicative of a struggle which is going on within me: continue to move forward learning more advanced woodworking skills (ex: the hand plane) or revert to a more simple style of woodworking (ex: pocket screws). And I am serious. I struggle with this. I have even been thinking of nailed furniture projects. Like nails and glue; the most basic form of joinery that exists (actually, leaving off the glue would be even more basic). Of course, I would design furniture which would be robust even with such rudimentary joinery. I am really curious if people even care. When I post a photo of a completed project on Facebook, I get a lot of compliments. My high school and college buddies who see the photos assume that I am turning out a quality product, but there is not the first …