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Why I Like my Adjustable Sawhorses

I have had these adjustable sawhorses for only a short while and have not put them to much use. In my last post on the router table, I have a photo of the project resting on my two foot tall sawhorses. The two footers are handy, but they are two footers. What if you want your work a lot higher? Until yesterday, the shell of the router table called my workbench home. But, I need that space to build the drawer. Looking around my shop, I spied my new tall sawhorses and put them to use. As you can see, I can position the router table much closer to eye level which will help me fit the mahogany drawer front and continue to fit the various drawer parts. Pretty sweet! So this week has been all about preparation for the drawer build. In the photos above, I have gathered the needed materials to include the under-mount full extension drawer slides – these slides are not cheap. The drawer is 8 3/8 inches deep so the …

The Becksvoort Sawhorses Are Finished

The last time I wrote about this project, I had largely completed the Becksvoort Tall Sawhorses minus the adjustable parts (see that post here). Next on the construction schedule was making the adjustable components known as “extenders” which are what make these sawhorses unique. We learn something with each new woodworking project don’t we? These sawhorses are no different. Like with most sawhorse designs I had several angles to fabricate, some of which are quite steep. Several other opportunities to learn would soon follow.

Becksvoort Sawhorses and Alabama football

I am still in the beginning stages of making a pair of Christian Becksvoort tall saw horses and I am concerned they are too tall. If you recall from my first post in this series, I am adding the second pair in a collection of sawhorses seen in Fine Woodworking magazine. These sawhorses are going to be the tallest of the three sizes Becksvoort recommends for shop use. My dilemma: as designed and without the adjustable components (called extenders), the saw horses stand 35 3/4″ tall. This is taller than both my table saw and my work bench. Only my router table is about the same height. A feature of this design is that I can adjust the saw horses to be a lot higher. So, my thinking is to make them shorter and then I can simply raise the extenders. After mulling this over during the work week, I make my decision to take some height off the saw horses. While I have not yet determined how tall they will be, the comparison illustration …