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New Tool Cabinet: Building the Drawers, Part 1

I read The Anarchist Tool Chest by Chris Schwarz and liked it. I finished his landmark book more than a year ago and after taking it all in, I decided to focus on developing a set of quality joinery techniques which I would then continue to use and perfect. I bought a fence to help me easily make mortises with my router (the mortise = the difficult step in making a mortise and tenon joint). Of course, Mr. Schwarz would cut a mortise by hand, but I think adopting mortise and tenon joinery vs. pocket screws would make him happy; even if I use a router. And, after using pocket screws extensively on this project, I am not inclined to use them this extensively ever again. For drawers, my preference, at least for now, is making the corner joinery using dowels. I am certain there are woodworkers who would tell me that creating dovetails for drawers is just as fast and easy. I’ll bet they would be right given enough time to get good at …

New Router Table: Drawer Construction

If you looked up the word “procrastinate” at, you would find the following definition: “to put off intentionally and habitually” This word came to mind this past Sunday when our get-together at the neighbor’s house had to be re-scheduled. Suddenly, I had a large chunk of the day which could be devoted to building the drawer for my router table. But guess what? I got zero woodworking done; procrastination had taken firm hold of me and blocked me from my peaceful basement workshop. I place total blame for this sorry situation on the Accuride 3132 under-mount drawer slide.

Beth’s built-in: constructing the drawers, part 4

Fitting the faces. Here I use cut up business cards and masking tape to provide the spacing I want between the drawer face and the face frame. I had not planned for this mini-series on drawer construction to cover four different blog posts, but it has. These drawers have taken a lot of time and fussing with; and there have been understandable delays due to things like football games, birthdays (my wife’s 50th) and such as that. But, I am glad to say that the drawers for the built-in project have been completed!!! Going back to my post on October 3rd, I had completed the construction of the drawer boxes and had glued up the necessary quarter-sawn red oak boards for the drawer faces. Since that time I have taken these additional steps on the drawers… Really sticky. After fitting the faces, I apply some stout double face tape to the drawer box. The connection. Here I press the drawer face against the double face tape. This correctly positions the face to the drawer box. …