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A Bible Stand for my Mom

One benefit of being a woodworker is the woodworker can design and build furniture to fit any space. In my mom’s home there exists a small corner in her foyer. Not long after graduating from the University of Alabama where I had taken a shop class titled “Wood Technology” I built a slender bible stand to fill that space. This was about 1985. I was greatly influenced then by woodworker Peter Kramer. A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about Peter which shows photos of his furniture designs (see the blog post by clicking here) The bible stand is a variation of one I saw in the 1984 issue of Country Home magazine, which I still have. When I am having design trouble, I’ll often open the pages of this magazine and read the article about Peter. I was at my mom’s house last night and took these photos with my iPhone. The bible stand will soon be 30 years old and is still looking good – no need of any repairs. This …

Whit McLeod’s cool furniture

As some of you may know, I work for Mohawk Industries, and I sell flooring to retailers. I was visiting a flooring dealer today who also sells furniture and while waiting to see the buyer, I started flipping through a furniture industry magazine. I came across an article featuring furniture by Whit McLeod and I was really impressed by his work. See the link to his site here. I know very little about Whit except he makes furniture that has a visual hook I find to be really cool. Something that helps set Whit apart from many furniture makers is that he uses reclaimed wood for his projects. He also has a nice design eye and commands an impressive price for his work: his contemporary adaptation of the Morris Chair sells for $4,200 a copy. I want to make furniture like that! Have any of you seen his work? (c) Copyright 2012 – all rights reserved.

Peter Kramer cabinet maker

It’s interesting how things impact certain aspects of your life. Twenty-six years ago my wife and I received the March/April 1984 issue of Country Home magazine (pictured above with a price tag of $2.50). I was going through a primitive furniture phase in my woodworking and the country decorating craze was trendy. I would look through the pages of magazines for inspiration for furniture design. This issue in particular had a sizable impact on me. It is funny to think back on how much I liked the beat up look of primitive furniture and some particularly worn antiques. There was also a furniture line available at the time in which they took great effort to make their new pieces look old; something that is still common today. I would repeatedly walk through a local furniture store and look at the “worn” new pieces from this line (no doubt the store owner wondered why I kept coming back to her store). This magazine featured the work of a particular furniture maker who did not reproduce antiques, …