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Chris Schwarz Types Out my Name in a Blog Post

I am thinking about getting this framed and put up in my workshop. I sent an email to my family members the other day when this blog post appeared at Lost Art Press. I said that Chris Schwarz is an important person in world of woodworking. If you did not know, he promoted a blog post of mine; which in turn was promoting a product of his. A case of scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours? Maybe, but it was fun to see; a nice way to start the Labor Day weekend. Not that he said anything more than I am a veteran woodworker. Life goes on. Tomorrow I’ll have to find a way to sell more flooring; my mom needs her grass cut; I owe a visit to see my dad and we need to get my daughter’s new laptop working. So in the big picture of life, this does not matter at all. But it was still nice to see. 🙂

I Like ‘The Naked Woodworker’

New Lost Art Press video provides hope for the cash strapped newbie. Lost Art Press videos often feature lively bluegrass music. The other day I beat my wife home from work; I had the TV going and as she stepped into our family room, bluegrass is what she heard. She asks, “What are you watching?” I reply: “The Naked Woodworker.” She says, “That sounds kind of dangerous.” The visual which then popped into my mind is not one I will share here. The title of the latest video from Lost Art Press is The Naked Woodworker with Mike Siemsen. This is not a video filmed at the wood shop of a nudist camp. The idea is the beginning woodworker enters this craft naked: no tools; no workbench. The goal of this video is to show how a new woodworker can 1), acquire a basic set of woodworking tools; 2), use these tools to build a respectable workbench. And 3), accomplish both in a way which excludes having to borrow money from family and friends. As …

New Workbench: Option Two

arlier this year, I began contemplating the design for a new workbench. The first blog post in what will be a series on my new workbench design, explored the Nicholson workbench (see an example Nicholson here). Since then, the Nicholson bench has become more commonplace on the internet. It appears to be the next trendy workbench design. Something that will likely advance the popularity of the Nicholson workbench is the forthcoming DVD from Lost Art Press which will document the construction of a Nicholson bench using a basic tool set and common lumber. The idea is to build a quality bench based on a historic design and do it on a budget. Mike Siemsen will procure the tools and lumber, then build the bench. I can’t wait to buy the DVD. So, I still have an interest in the Nicholson design; historic, relatively easy to build and can be created using common home center material. What’s not to like? For one, I don’t like the large aprons attached to each side of the top. And, …