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Free Woodworking Plan: Feature Filled Router Table Fence

I combined the features of two router table fences into one and came up with a design that fits my needs perfectly.


New Router Table: Adding Dust Collection

In a video at The Penultimate Woodshop, Dyami Plotke is interviewing Fine Woodworking magazine art director Mike Peckovich. The subject turns to dust collection and Mike says: You know, dust collection – I used to be pretty cavalier about it. The notion that my dust collector is a broom and a dust pan. But, you know, I have become more sensitized to wood dust over the years. And in terms of the information about the hazards of wood dust; it’s a real hazard and I think it is something you need to take seriously. So I think upgrading to a real dust collection system is not a horrible idea. Dust collection is a subject which should be near and dear to all power tool woodworkers. I recently turned 53 years of age and among the things I would pass on to a young woodworker would be to embrace effective dust control as soon as possible. As an older woodworker (not an old woodworker), dust has become a health problem since it can shut down my …

My New Router Table is Finished

The end is in sight. With the completion of the router table top and the fence, I am down to the final items before I can call this project finished. My punch list contains these items… Complete the back Mount the router Install the power switch Enclose the router area Individually, these are minor steps in the project, but collectively, this is a lot to do. Lets get started. Complete the Back This step involves adding a clamp which will latch to the right wing of my table saw. I also need to plug the screw holes and paint the back. The illustration below shows the clamp setup… The clamp will have a spacer strip which is slightly thinner than the edge on the right wing of the table saw. The clamp board will be tightened against the inner edge of the right wing with some wing nuts as shown (click the images to enlarge)… With the top being adjustable (see this blog post for more on the top) I need something to reduce airflow …