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Reader Builds the Bedside Table

On occasion, I’ll get an email alerting me to someone building a project following one of my woodworking plans. These emails are always welcome and are an instant bright spot in my day. Someone thought enough of something I designed to put it in their own home. Pretty sweet. Such was the case when Irwin of Southern California sent me a message through my contact page. He was asking some questions about the plan and I asked him to take construction photos so I can feature his work on my blog. His project is completed and I am giving him an A+++. In addition to learning how to make frame and panel sides and doors, this table is also a good teaching project for making beaded openings for the drawer and doors, making bracket feet and creating a table top with breadboard ends. The bedside table is one of my most popular plans; second only to the queen size bed I built. It feels good to know that yet another bedside table has been born. Irwin, …


Reader Builds the Media Cabinet

There is nothing better than getting an email from a reader who has built a piece of furniture following one of my woodworking plans. My most recent plan is You Can Build the Versatile Media Cabinet. Mark Malcolm recently took on this project and the finished product is fantastic, especially since this is his first piece of furniture to build. I asked Mark for more information about this project. He said… It came out great (esp for my first one). As you can see I changed out the laminate plywood legs and face frames for poplar. Used two coats of cherry Minwax and two coats of their satin poly. I also changed the pulls to match the hardware color in the room. The bookcase you see is actually a hidden door I found online using Rixson center post hinges. I finished that first and then moved to the bookcase. My boys got my a new sliding mitre saw for Christmas so I think I might try to tackle your plans for the mitre stand. Looks awesome and I could easily use …


New Woodworker Conquers Enormous Coffered Ceiling Project

There are a few ways to get a start at woodworking. One way would be to pick a number of small projects, gain some experience and confidence as a woodworker; then slowly graduate to more complex work. The opposite of this would be to pick a monster project and just go at it. Determined to pull it off, sticking with it until success becomes real. I know a thing or two about monster projects. Take for example the renovation of our foyer which took three years to complete (my fault – I over-engineered it; a recent photo of it is here). Another ambitious project was the construction of a coffered ceiling in our living room. This was 100% overhead work with lots of parts to fit. I once said that any project which involves frequent ladder work is automatically no fun. So it was with surprise that I got an email from Holly showing me photos of her coffered ceiling projects. Why surprise? I think I lost count of the number of rooms she has …