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Ron Layport Featured at Fine Woodworking

I have written before how woodworker Ron Layport was an early influence in the way I view furniture design (most recently here). I was scanning my RSS reader just now and came across a video at Fine with an update on Ron’s work, which is stunning. I encourage you to take a look at the video here. ALSO, just below the video are links to other “Masters of the Craft” slide shows. Most all of these short videos are exceptional. Photo credit: Mark May via Fine

Scott bookcase: more work on the top – fabricating the back

How nice should the back be? I like solid backs on big pieces of painted cabinet work that will hold a lot of heavy items like books. This adds a lot of rigidity to the piece. But, some woodworkers put much more effort towards dressing up the back of their pieces. With this project, I am making a conscious effort to improve the look of the back. You may wonder why I would do this since the back of this project will not be visible. It really comes down to craftsmanship. Some woodworkers actually put just as much effort to making the back look good as they do the front and sides. Note the photos below… A gorgeous back. This open hutch by Ronald Layport features a beautifully detailed back made of tiger maple. Layport’s project appeared in Fine Woodworking #89, August 1991. If it’s expected. With fine pieces like Layport’s and this Arts and Crafts writing desk by Stephen Lamont, you would almost expect the back to be nice. This photo is from the …