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A New Woodworking Plan in the Works

There was a time when I was really into creating woodworking plans. A couple of years ago, I remember telling the owner of Sawtooth Ideas that I had an ambitious goal of creating ten woodworking plans within the span of a year. Then I went to work; burn-out quickly set in and creating woodworking plans became no fun at all. For me, woodworking plans are a lot of work. Maybe that’s because I am a perfectionist who hates to be told that a plan has an error, or that the plan is hard to understand. Since publishing my queen size bed woodworking plan a couple of years ago, an extensive revision has replaced the original plan. Why? Because I thought the first go around was not clear enough – an example of perfectionism (is that a word?) at work.

Building a Garden Planter Using IdeaRoom

Last year I built this little planter – it is funny sometimes how various things happen which serve as the spark for a woodworking project. First, a website I am involved with, Sawtooth Ideas, added some plans from Woodcraft magazine. Second, it being spring time, I needed to spruce up my yard a little, and thirdly, I was looking for a quick and easy woodworking project. While browsing the new Woodcraft plans at Sawtooth Ideas, I came across a small planter and a woodworking project was born. If you are not familiar with Sawtooth Ideas, this is a website which sells woodworking plans (a few of their plans are free) and they have one unique feature: a software product call IdeaRoom which enables the woodworker to view the plan in 3D. IdeaRoom works great on a home computer, a tablet or smartphone and the app allows the ability to do a variety of cool things to the 3D image (more on that later). A fourth reason to build this planter was to see first hand …

2013 in Review

Welcome to a new year! I can’t believe it is January 1, 2014. This month brings with it the excitement of contemplating ways to make 2014 better than 2013. For me 2014 will be a very different year. I tried some new things in 2013, some of which worked well and some of which I’ll leave behind. First, here are the major highlights from 2013. Woodworking Projects 2013 was a big year for woodworking. I completed four projects and started a fifth – the major tool cabinet/wall surround project I am currently working on. In 2013, I completed the following projects: My new router table. A garden planter. My new miter saw stand. Most recently, I completed a photo prop for my daughter. Four projects completed is pretty strong for me. Most of the year was a continuation of my workshop renovation; an ambitious update for my shop all of which is laying the groundwork for an expansion into an adjacent, underutilized area of our basement. Sawtooth Ideas and Woodworking Plans The garden planter was …