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Building the Scott Meek Wave Grip Jointer Plane Kit, Part 3

After viewing a few YouTube videos showing how to build wooden body hand planes, I imagined the fun part of the project to be final shaping. Prior to shaping, wooden body hand planes can look a little rough. In the case of my Scott Meek Wave Grip Jointer Plane Kit, before shaping, the CNC plywood body is very rough. To remind readers where I have come from on this kit, take a look at these two photos… Note in the second photo how the plywood has been CNC milled to provide guidance on how shaping the wave grip and front nose should occur. I need to remove these stepped, CNC cut-outs to arrive at a smooth, curvaceous and flowing plane. The area around the grip and nose need considerable stock removal. Remember this is a prototype plane kit, one of only three made. The design of the final kits will be refined to require less stock removal. My initial tools chosen for shaping are a flat rasp and a rounded one. These are what I …


Building The Scott Meek Wave Grip Jointer Kit, Part 2

This is an interesting project because the construction process has me doing some things I don’t normally do. Case in point is the wedge for the jointer plane. This part is the second component in this project which I have been stressing about. My thinking is that for the wedge to properly hold the plane iron in place, it has to be perfectly shaped in thickness. If while forming the wedge, let’s say the left side is a little thicker than the right edge, the plane iron probably won’t stay in that perfect spot while in use. The perfect spot is where a tissue thin ribbon of full width wood is effortlessly removed from some wood (like at the end of this video). But, one thing I have going for me is Scott Meek’s Popular Woodworking video in which Scott explains in great detail his process for making wooden body hand planes; things to look out for and what to do if something doesn’t go just right. I had been watching this video on an …


Building The Scott Meek Wave Grip Jointer Kit, Part 1

I HAVE OWNED for more than six months what I think will become a prized possession: a Scott Meek jointer plane – in kit form. But, my excitement for building this plane has been tempered by some anxiety of two steps in the construction process which I think will be easy to mess up. These are making the cross pin and making the wedge. But, I’ll get to my woodworking anxiety in a minute. First let’s talk about Scott Meek’s hand planes. I like cars and sometimes I’ll make a comparison to a car to make a point. For example, a customer once told me that I sell the Mercedes of carpets. I told him I thought a Ferrari was a better comparison. Scott’s hand planes are moving from what have been like a really nice Mercedes to something more exotic. Especially now that his planes feature both choice, figured wood and his new “checkering” technique (example here). So, I think a better comparison would be to a Ferrari. Scott does with wooden body hand planes what the likes of …