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I Get Featured at SketchUp’s Blog

Want to see something cool? I was contacted to write a blog post at SketchUp’s website. 🙂 🙂 🙂 The subject? How I find realistic wood images for my SketchUp models. Seems that since I am just a hobbyist woodworker, SketchUp was impressed my models look so realistic. I guess this level of detail is something normally associated with professionals using SketchUp. See the steps I take to find wood materials by clicking here. Advertisements

Old World Table Woodworking Plan in the Works

I have begun work on my 15th free woodworking plan; a plan which may very well be my last free one (see all my woodworking plans here). A 2018 goal of mine is to return to trying to make money from the plans I create and to that end, I hope to make a series of more simple plans to be sold on Ebay. I have sold my plans in the past, but the income has been pitiful. Maybe this time I’ll at least be able to recover the cost of the software used to make them. I have been trying to come up with a normal size dining table design. I have one dining table plan, my apartment sized table which is perfect for a small dining room or an eat-in kitchen area. But my wife and I are still using a hand-me-down dining table and it would be nice to have a hand crafted table for the more festive times of the year we actually use our dining room. I had originally come …

Build Kitchen Cabinets with Bob Lang’s New SketchUp Book

Special Offer – win a copy of Bob Lang’s new SketchUp book below. Our home was built about 1988 and we still have the original kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are woefully out of date and in desperate need of replacing. But buying a full set of kitchen cabinets is expensive and as a woodworker, I know I can build better cabinets than what I see in showrooms. The reason my wife and I still live with old cabinets is that the task of building new cabinets is sooo daunting. I get a headache just thinking about it. But what if I could build my kitchen cabinets first in my computer? What if I could work out appliance locations; look at different cabinet styles and see how they fit with existing door ways and windows? That would be cool, right? Doing these things ahead of time would help make a monstrous task much more manageable. And this idea is at the core of Bob Lang’s new SketchUp book titled SketchUp for Kitchen Design. With SketchUp for Kitchen …