Custom Plan Inquiry

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OVER THE YEARS, I have created custom project plans for a few woodworkers. This can be a SketchUp model with all the views showing construction details, but most of the time I am asked to create a full plan.

The image above is a page from a plan created for a woodworker I know from Instagram. He supplied me a photo of what he wanted and he and I worked on the dimensions and made it fit his home. Also, I talked to him about his favorite construction techniques and available tools and developed a step-by-step process for building his table.

If you have an idea for a furniture project, but simply can’t find a plan to match, contact me using the form below and let’s begin a conversation. My design fee starts at $75 and plan documentation begins also at $75. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page to start a conversation.


Showing the interior structure.

In the example above, a SketchUp model was created based on a simple image seen online which was then re-sized for use in a residential dining room. Within the SketchUp model, I created multiple views and a cut list in .pdf format. This is a relatively inexpensive way to obtain a working design.

Cover showing a front view of the dresser.

Next example above; I was asked to design a dresser to match the free bedside table plan I offer on my website. I worked through the construction steps creating a 34 page plan which was supplied to the woodworker and made available for download at my website (download this example here).

Contact me using the form below and let’s talk.