Hand Tool Resource Page

I used to bookmark the cool things I have seen on the web. I then decided to create an organized page of all these links. So, this is my personal database of web links related to hand tool woodworking. Revised 3/7/19.

Online Schools for Hand Tool Woodworking
Here are some links to online hand tool schools. I know only a little about them, but these would be the top two I would consider enrolling in.

Handtool School
Rob Cosman Hand Tool School


Hand Planes
First, a good overview of hand planes and a great photo showing the numbering system for basic hand planes (click here).

Here are a few good videos on how to either set up a brand new, high quality hand plane or how to set up a used plane that has seen a lot of wear…

  • This is a good video by Chris Schwarz where he goes over setting up a premium hand plane – see it here.
  • This video by Tommy MacDonald shows how to set up an older, used hand plane – see it here.

The essential hand planes by Phil Lowe – see the three starter hand planes Phil recommends here.

Chris Schwarz wrote on the Popular Woodworking blog an article which defines the various parts of a bench plane. This is good information to have when you hear or read about a lateral adjusting lever, for example, and don’t have a clue what that is. See the article here.

Rob Porcaro has a couple of posts at his blog covering the compass plane. See them here and here.

Billy’s Little Bench on hollows and rounds – go here.

Hand Plane Techniques
Tips on using hand planes well for specific tasks

Hand Saws
Matt Kenny wrote a brief blog post about the four must-have hand saws. See it here.


I once read where Tom Fidgen spends an hour in the workshop every so often just sharpening things. There is a whole separate art to getting your hand tools sharp, but the process does not have to be intimidating (but it still is for me). Here are some sharpening tips I have found.

Sharpening Plane Blades

Sharpening Chisels

Sharpening a Card Scraper

  • One of many sharpening techniques for the card scraper; this one from Lost Art Press – see it here.
  • Mike Peckovich shows his technique for sharpening a card scraper in a video – see it here.



Making Dovetails

Making a Mortise and Tenon Joint

  • Paul Sellers has a video showing how to chop a mortise – see it here.
  • Jeff Gorman writes about ways to chop a mortise and cut tenons here.


Using a LN Router Plane – Morton shows us how to use Lie Nielsen router planes in this Highland Woodworking video.

Universal Bench Fixture – by Jim Tolpin, shows photos of his bench fixture useful for a variety of hand tool processes including dovetailing.

10 Great Handtool Tips – some good stuff here on a variety of hand tool uses.

Stock Prep by Hand – A very good Popular Woodworking video in which Chris Schwarz preps a board with hand planes; 20 minutes in length.

Using a bench slave to help joint long boards.

Other stuff will be added as I see it.

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  1. J Sims says

    I’ll echo the above – it is nice to have a quick set of links along w/ some info.

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