Free Woodworking Plan: Feature Filled Router Table Fence

Router Table with Fence

I recently received an email that went something like this: “Jeff, do you have woodworking plans for your router table?” My reply: “No, my router table is very specific to my needs. Unless you have the same table saw, you will have to make a ton of adjustments to it’s size.”

I have never given serious thought about making a woodworking plan for my router table. But, after thinking on this a while, I decided I could make plans for the router table fence. After all, it’s a unique design and a router table fence can make a world of difference when using a router table.

Since my router table fence is really an extension of my table saw fence, I am calling this woodworking plan “The Table Saw Router Fence”.

The Table Saw Router Fence Page 1

Some features of the table saw router fence:

  • Easy to attach and remove.
  • Excellent dust collection.
  • A tall fence face for easy vertical routing.
  • T-tracks for adding accessories.

This woodworking plan looks at the design ideas behind the fence, includes a cut list for components, sources for hardware, illustrations showing exploded view of the construction process and tips for making the fence as easy as possible. The plan is seven pages in length; here are two more example pages…

Example page.

Example page.

Example page.

Example page.

Download this plan FOR FREE!
Click the link below to begin your instant download. This breaks all the rules concerning online marketing, but I do not collect your email address and I have no way of knowing who is downloading this woodworking plan. This means no emails or spam will follow your download.

FREE – click here to download “The Table Saw Router Fence”.

I have triple checked the plan for accuracy. Be sure to fully understand the construction process prior to building your router table fence. If you have any questions about the construction process, send me a message by using the form on my About/Contact page.

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