Power Tool Tips

This is my database of power tool woodworking tips. I update it as I run across something particularly interesting or something I need to upgrade for my shop. Not much in this database yet. Last updated 11/19/2018.

First, Safety Tips

Many good ideas for good safety practices in the workshop; from Highland Woodworking – please read by clicking here.

Nineteen ways to help avoid injuring your fingers with a table saw – also from Highland Woodworking; this is ultimately a promotion for the SawStop table saw, but there are good tips here too. Click here.

The Table Saw

  • Table Saw Techniques – Master woodworker Marc Adams shows the basic steps for safely using a table saw. At present, this is the best introductory video I know of on the internet. It is a members only video at FWW.com, but a membership quickly pays for itself.
  • Five Minute Guide: How to Use a Table Saw – as if you can learn this in five minutes, but there is some good information in this video.
  • Three Sleds for Better Cross Cuts – I have used a Norm Abram designed crosscut sled for years, but it leaves the cut-off unsupported which can be dangerous. These sleds are a better choice.
  • Multi-Use Table Saw Rip Fence – I need to make this add-on fence from woodworker Bob Van Dyke.
  • Panel Raising with a Table Saw – A good video from Woodworker’s Journal showing how to make raised panels using a table saw.
  • A simple tapering jig – An article at Fine Woodworking.com.

The Bandsaw

Drilling Guide for an Adjustable Shelf

I create a lot of projects that use adjustable shelves. You can buy guides to help you locate and evenly space the holes needed for shelf pins. This YouTube link will take you to a video which provides instruction for making your own drilling guide. It is fast and easy to make.

The Drill Press

The Router

  • Mortising with a Router –  Gregory Paolini shows his process for making quick mortises with a router. Simple and super fast – 60 seconds fast.
  • Mortising Jig for the Plunge Router – In this video, Fine Woodworking’s Ed Pirnik shows how to make and use a modified version of a Jeff Miller designed jig useful for creating mortises with a plunge router.
  • The Best Dovetails – Glen Huey uses a router and a jig saw to make “structural dovetails”.
  • Flattening Workbenches with a Router – Marc Spagnuolo’s excellent technique for getting a large workbench top flat.

Various Other Things

A good post at Popular Woodworking about making condor tails for a workbenchsee it here.

Very good post at American Woodworker on various types of featherboards. Some of these I had never seen before – click here.

Setting up the tiny Kreg Mini pocket hole jig for various thickness lumber is here.

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