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A Little Woodworking and a lot of Asheville

It is official: my wife and I want to retire in Asheville, North Carolina. Our six-day visit there was exceptional; a wonderful mix of nature, food (and craft beer) and visiting sites like the Biltmore Estate. I also explored woodworking: I met with two nationally known woodworkers as well as visited craft fairs which featured extremely well designed and executed furniture as well as boxes, bowls, spoons, etc. And we did not get everything accomplished while we were there, so we’ll be back. FIRST, LETS COVER SOME WOODWORKING – I reached a gigantic milestone with the window seat bookcase; it is completely glued-up. Getting to this point caused great gnashing of teeth. I was concerned mostly that the seat would not fit correctly. As designed, the seat fits flush to the sides and the front edge of the bookcase. There is also a portion of the seat which fits between the inside edge of the two outer rear legs (why did my design have to be so complicated?). It fit prior to glue-up, but what about …