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Building The Scott Meek Wave Grip Jointer Kit, Part 1

I HAVE OWNED for more than six months what I think will become a prized possession: a Scott Meek jointer plane – in kit form. But, my excitement for building this plane has been tempered by some anxiety of two steps in the construction process which I think will be easy to mess up. These are making the cross pin and making the wedge. But, I’ll get to my woodworking anxiety in a minute. First let’s talk about Scott Meek’s hand planes. I like cars and sometimes I’ll make a comparison to a car to make a point. For example, a customer once told me that I sell the Mercedes of carpets. I told him I thought a Ferrari was a better comparison. Scott’s hand planes are moving from what have been like a really nice Mercedes to something more exotic. Especially now that his planes feature both choice, figured wood and his new “checkering” technique (example here). So, I think a better comparison would be to a Ferrari. Scott does with wooden body hand planes what the likes of …


I Build the Hock Tools Shoulder Plane

At this point in my hand plane collection, I am willing to try building a hand plane. I currently have a Lie Nielsen #4 bench plane, a Lie Nielsen #60R rabbeting block plane and a Veritas low angle jointer plane. A while back, I bought David Finck’s book, Making & Mastering Wood Planes, and even after reading this book, which devotes 192 pages to every aspect of making and using wood hand planes, I still felt intimidated at the thought of building one. When contemplating a fun gift for my recent 55th birthday, I told my wife I wanted a Hock Tools Shoulder Plane Kit. My thinking was building a kit will help ease me into the world of making hand planes – not that I envision making a lot of wooden body hand planes. I don’t, but maybe a couple or three; we will see. The photo at the top of the post shows the kit with all the parts. A benefit of plane building from a kit is that the folks at Hock …


Who Knew Santa is This Good With a Bench Plane?

Take a look at the image above; can you believe it? Look how deftly Santa works a bench plane. If I am not mistaken, he has his right hand resting on his large stomach, which means he is creating envious shavings with one hand. I hope I get that good some day, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing a vest in my workshop. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Image source here. Advertisements