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Book Review: SketchUp to LayOut by Matt Donley

A lot of woodworkers use SketchUp, but I consider myself to be in a small group of woodworkers which view SketchUp as an illustration tool. SketchUp is the main drawing program I use to illustrate woodworking plans. I hope one day to be able to make truly magazine quality woodworking plans. The only thing holding me back is time and experience with the right software. I have often wondered if SketchUp Pro is software that can help me reach my goal. There is one aspect of SketchUp Pro which makes me curious: LayOut. It’s a software package which comes bundled with SketchUp Pro. LayOut is a tool that takes SketchUp images and inserts them into a template leading to high quality documentation (examples here). This is where LayOut might improve the quality of my woodworking plans. But SketchUp Pro currently sells for $495; probably a good value, but I just don’t know a lot about it and I have seen at least one negative comment on it. I came real close to buying SketchUp Pro …