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Making an Exploded View Using SketchUp

When I open the pages of Fine Woodworking magazine, not only do I look at the various articles and their authors, I also pay attention to the illustrations and who created them. A typical issue of FWW will utilize illustrations from a number of artists; my favorite being John Hartman. He is a true illustrator. For my woodworking plans, I simply use SketchUp and a little bit of Photoshop. I’m not an illustrator; John Hartman is. His work in Fine Woodworking is what I use as inspiration for the images you see in my plans (check out John’s website for more of his work). As an online member at Fine, I can search for just about any article from the library of past Fine Woodworking issues. When looking for inspiration for my upcoming woodworking plan, I searched for Matt Kenney’s updated Enfield cupboard (see the article here, membership required). It is somewhat similar in shape to my kitchen cupboard design, so when contemplating how to make the exploded view, I looked at the illustration …


Success With SketchUp and Photoshop

I enjoy reading comments posted here at my blog. And sometimes a comment is very helpful. Case in point with my last blog post. Sarah gave me a very helpful tip concerning how to add out-of-view objects to my images. And it could not be easier. First, take a look at the image above. It is one of the exported SketchUp images to be used in Photoshop. One of the four screws is out of view and I want readers of the woodworking plan to know it is there (logic would dictate that a fourth screw is there, but I have learned to take as much guess-work out of my plans as possible). The next step is to hide all of the components except the missing screw and the line which shows the path which the screw needs to take. I export this image as well. Both files are PNG files which allow for a transparent background which is important. I wish I could just load a video at this point which shows the steps …


Update: Media Cabinet Woodworking Plan

Just like my window seat bookcase project, I am making slooowwww progress with my next woodworking plan. With You Can Build The Versatile Media Cabinet, I am taking the time needed to make it as close to magazine quality as possible. The Photoshop process for creating custom sketchy edges is being used for every image and I continue to refine and get faster with the method of selectively adding pen flourishes to images output from SketchUp (see the process here). The cover page shows why I call this media cabinet versatile. The modular shape of the cabinet enables the builder to add or take away drawers as they like. Click the image to enlarge… One thing under consideration: re-working this page to show just one version of the media cabinet. The cover shows four different configurations. My concern is these options will create inquiries requesting help with these other versions. In the plan, I walk the reader step-by-step throught the construction process for the three drawer version only. What do you think? Should I focus …