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When Snow Hits Unexpectedly

I just got off the phone with my wife. She spent the night stuck at work. She slept on the floor of her office with the tablecloth from their break room to keep her warm. She is one of 16 people where she works who did not make it home yesterday. My daughter walked from her office to a friend’s apartment where she spent the night. She was one of six people there and slept on the floor. Both safe and warm. I work from home, and after seeing the snow begin to fall, I stopped by the house for a conference call and never left. Yesterday was a disaster. Snow was forecast for the area south of us. Snow started falling about 10:30 and did not let up until 4:00 or so – a short period of time really. The fact that the metro Birmingham area was unprepared for this winter weather meant that unsuspecting people went to work thinking Tuesday would be a mostly normal day. It wasn’t. It became a mad dash …