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Window Seat Bookcase: Taming Tear-Out

IT IS NEVER GOOD TO HEAR loud sounds while sending a nice piece of cherry through a planer. This happened a few months ago while fabricating the slats for the back panels of my window seat bookcase. With each pass through the planer, I would look at the boards being surfaced and note the grain and how I am glad I heard Matt Kenney say cherry is his favorite wood. If cherry is good enough for Matt, its  good enough for me. All I wanted to hear was the extremely loud hummmm of the planer doing it’s work. Hearing additional loud things made me cringe because I knew a problem was underway. As this particular board (see photo above) slowly exited the planer, the problem became visible. Instead of wood being cut away by the planer, some of it had been torn away. While inspecting this board I am sure a few cuss words were spoken. But as Charles Neil says, cussing is part of the creative process. Cherry is a luscious wood with finish …