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A New Woodworking Plan is Underway

When I was in high school, I worked at Riverchase Country Club in Hoover, Alabama. Caddy Shack was a popular movie then and I have to admit that I, along with some of my buddies from high school who also worked there, lived some moments which were similar to those seen in Caddy Shack. Slowly, over time, I was asked to do some minor graphic design work there. Some of the doodling I had done when work was slow caught the attention of the Club Manager. Eventually, I began making posters which promoted the monthly theme party the country club hosted. And thus, my interest in graphic design took hold. And, it is this interest that compels me to make the woodworking plans available here at my website. Presently, I am knee-deep in the process for making my 13th woodworking plan titled You Can Make The Jackson Dresser. At times I have trouble describing the furniture in my plans. For example, this dresser started out as a double dresser, but I added more drawers which …

Media Cabinet Woodworking Plan Update

Since the window seat bookcase has been completed, time to bring to life one of my inactive SketchUp projects: a new woodworking plan titled The Versatile Media Cabinet. This plan originally got underway sometime in early March of this year, but I put it on hold so I could concentrate on finishing the window seat bookcase. Just like the window seat bookcase, I am trying some new things with this new woodworking plan (see some of the new things here). I have long had a goal of creating near magazine quality plans. As I get new copies of Fine Woodworking, I pay close attention to the illustrations they use. In my plans, I use SketchUp to illustrate the construction process, but SketchUp has some limitations; specifically x-ray views to show hidden joinery, or better said; joinery which is out of view. The illustrators at FWW typically draw in blue lines to show such joinery. See below (click to enlarge)… Even though I have tried several different ways to pull this off, I have not been …

A Large Media Cabinet in SketchUp

This media cabinet will likely be the subject of my next woodworking plan. Over the past week I have been playing around with the design. Simple construction is the goal with painted surfaces for most of the components which will allow mixing materials like MDF with tiger maple. The basic cabinet which forms the structure of the piece will be made from home center birch plywood, the applied face frame and legs can be made from a variety of easy to find lumber, the back is 1/2″ MDF and a I thought a little figured wood would be cool. I have some slight alterations planned, and I have a question for anyone reading this: is there a need for six compartments for A/V equipment? We only need four in our house. Your thoughts are appreciated by leaving a comment.